Our Classes

Circus District offers some classes, too! If you’d like more variety, you can find the wide variety of organizations and studios in the area here, and we’ll be posting a curated list of classes each season coming soon. 😉

Juggling Lessons with Christian

What’s juggling? It’s a mental and physical skill, involving a person/people manipulating objects, which often involves tossing these objects into the air and catching them. Juggling has existed in many forms in cultures all across the globe. The first depiction in history shows women jugglers seen on the walls of tombs from the middle-kingdom of ancient Egypt.

Lessons are led by Christian Kloc, who has taught juggling at TSNY (DC), organized monthly Juggle Jams at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, and is now focusing on virtual lessons that broaden access to circus education.

Christian high-fiving a little juggler


Beginner Classes

For: Individuals (any age), school and corporate groups. ​School programs can include brief lessons in STEM, English or the arts communicated through fun and engaging juggling programs. Corporate lessons can be tailored to your brand and messaging.

Christian juggling a lot of juggling balls and looking fire


Intermediate/Advanced Training

For: Individuals with at least six months of juggling experience. These lessons provide tailored feedback for jugglers looking to hone their skills… through quarantine and beyond!

juggling club


Hang Out & Learn

For: Groups 5-20+ people. ​A great option for schools, corporate settings, or friend groups seeking a delightful way to gather online. This weekly 30-minute session alternates between two formats: Level Up or Throw Down.

Poi Lessons with Lottie

What’s poi? It’s a form of creative movement or dance, where you swing two objects on strings around the body. Its traditional form originated with the Māori people of New Zealand and, while it has changed, it is still practiced today. Journeying across the world, poi has seen many different variations.

Not only beautiful as an expressive form of dance, poi can be great as a exercise for improving coordination, shoulder flexibility, and reinvigorating the body for all ages.

Lessons are led by Lottie Byram, who has been teaching and performing poi with fire/veils/glow/shopping bags for over 15 years across the US. She works with all people aged 13 – 113.

Poi Lessons

In person, outdoors.
Socks, veils, glow or fire poi

Virtual Poi Lessons

On Google Hangouts.
Socks, veils or glow poi