This Week — 18 February 2022

Whether you’re ready for a night on the town or an evening at home with a cup of tea, the Circus District has offerings to keep you entertained, informed and engaged.


February 19


***Be sure to check out each venue’s Covid safety regulations prior to attending in-person events.

February 25-27

  • Witness a triumphant reimagining of the mythological tale of Eurydice at Songs From the UnderWorld, created by Baltimore artist ellen cherry. This show opens with a Jim Henson Foundation-sponsored work of puppetry by Anna Fitzgerald, and follows with multimedia storytelling inspired by ellen cherry’s recovery from a car wreck a few years ago. Show times are 8 p.m. (2/25 & 2/26) and 3 p.m. (2/27). Get tickets at this link.

February 26

April 3 – second show added!


  • Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) is putting great ideas into action. Artists in New York can apply for a guaranteed $1,000 income per month for 18 months, with 2,400 spots available in the program. CRNY Is also setting up an Artist Employment Program, which partners with various organizations to provide solid employment to artists ($65k per year + benefits!), allowing creatives to fully devote themselves to their craft.
  • This program stems from the not-so-revolutionary idea that if you provide for the most basic needs of individuals, they can prioritize acquiring gigs, creating valuable work, educating themselves, and building generational wealth. It’s important to think about the power of a guaranteed income when we evaluate the institutional support for artists in our region. While grant programs and residencies enable some growth in the creative sector, guaranteed income can remove many barriers to entry/continuance for artists to survive and thrive in our communities.


February 18 & 23

February 23

  • The District Rope Group will hold a Virtual Rope Jam via Zoom from 8-10 p.m. This is a great place to share your skills, ask questions, and suggest topics for discussion/education. You are welcome to join this gathering however you feel comfortable (camera/audio on or off), but recording of any kind is not permitted. RSVP by joining the group and responding to the Facebook event page.

February 24

  • The Fairfax Jugglers will meet on Thursdays from 7:30-10 p.m. in the Key Middle School cafeteria. Visitors must wear masks and sign a liability waiver. 


March 13


  • Circus artists who identify as persons of color living in the U.S. can now apply for CSAW‘s April $1,000 microgrant. The deadline is March 15. Find more information at this link.
  • If you’re interested in applying to a circus school in the U.S. or abroad, check out CSAW’s application mastersheet, with a comprehensive list of deadlines and school ambassadors, who are available to answer your questions and guide you through the selection process. Whether you’re currently applying to schools or considering applying in a year or two, this list is an invaluable resource.


Through February 19

  • Delve into 4,000 years of juggling history through the innovative and playful mind of Jay Gilligan in his show REFLEX, presented by Hideaway Circus. This intimate show uses unique props, inventions and robots to reveal a mesmerizing world of object manipulation. Appearing at Theater Mitu580, with tickets at this link.

Through March 6

  • We are over the moon to report that Happenstance Theater is debuting their show BAROCOCO at 59E59 Theaters in Manhattan. This production transports you to the late Baroque era and its lavishly adorned characters whose lifestyles are on the brink of extinction, told through exquisite physical comedy and seamless ensemble work. Get tickets at this link.

Photo by DirkJan Ranzijn © 2010