A Length of Rope

May 12 @ 7:30 p.m.

A Length of Rope explores the significant choices we come to in life, with a rope and trapeze suspended on opposing sides of each intersection. These two circus apparatuses represent the struggle of choosing between different directions, be it a choice of place, identity, friendship, or love. There is no fourth wall in this show. Spectators see hands tremble from physical exhaustion and some portions are performed among the audience members. The show’s relatability and vulnerability invite spectators to project their own choices on the performance and explore for themselves their lost possibilities. In this way, the work is innovative, it pushes beyond circus, beyond drama, to a place of intimate connection.

Circus Artist Ariel Schmidtke has trained with Dream Science Circus in Bellingham, Wa., and studied Nouveau Cirque at France’s Academie Fratellini. Schmidtke recently said goodbye to nearly a year in Alaska to launch this ‘lower 48’ tour.


Philadelphia School of Circus Arts
5900A Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144